Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old PBR Factory

Now PBR has become somewhat of a “trendy” or popular beer among the skate and snow industry over recent years. I personally had it forced on me by my elders on the board for the ski club I was a part of (Garcin, Lesley, Jess, Taylor) my freshmen year in college. Now I rep it. Is it because it’s cheap and us riders are not rich, or is it because it’s a good brew, or because of something else, or all of the above? Now I’m not the one to answer this question, I just know I like it. Its cold, tastes like beer (not water like key light and other crappy cheap beers), and has a heritage that I can respect. My friends drink it too. A few days ago I stumbled across these photos of the old factory online. Check them out, you just might like them.

Rock the Bells 2009

A week ago I went to Rock the Bells at Red Rocks, a hip-hop concert of sorts. It was unbelievable and I wanted to make a post on how I ranked the shows. These results surprised even me but here they are:
MVP: Big Boi – he played a ton of Outkast hits, how can you beat that?

2nd: Nas – jammed “Got Yourself a Gun” megamix. That was the first song I ever downloaded of Napster back in the day.

2.5nd: Damien Marley – Can’t understand much of what he’s saying but that Rasta just gets me sometimes.

3rd: Tech N9ne – Only had one song on my iPod, now I’m looking at albums.

4th: Busta Rhymes – Yells and kills it, had the crowd so hyped.

5: GZA – lyrical genius (Maybe why he goes as Genius as well).


Classified just dropped a new CD so he is the jamz of the week.
I like this video because it plays off Banksy, a graffiti artist I blogged about earlier.

Nice little intro

More slow jammish but good beat


Every day I travel to the 10th floor of the Vail Resorts office building so naturally I take the elevator, otherwise I’d be late for work every single day climbing stairs. Throughout my travels in the elevator I have learned and observed things. First, if you’re on the second floor, take the stairs. Probably even take the stairs if you’re on the third floor. Especially if you’re going down. Also, why is the elevator so awkward sometimes and not others? If you think about it, you’re riding in a tiny closet-box-like thing with a bunch of other people staring at the door or the number display in complete silence. Should somebody say something? That’s pretty awkward. Because I’m new here I don’t talk to many people because I don’t have the faintest clue who they are so I’m not about to be the awkward breaker and say something stupid like “Great day for a bike ride” or “Man I can’t wait for ski season”. It would probably be even more awkward if I said some ridiculous thing like that so I just grit my teeth and stare at the numbers until it says 10. Other times, when you forget to think about the awkwardness of the situation, the elevator is fine, a causal and convenient ride to your floor. Or hopefully, a couple people who are friends get on and are talking so it’s not quite as awkward for the rest of the silent people standing in the tiny room. That is unless you’re the only other person on, then you feel kind of left out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I wear Nike SB

Because they kill it so hard and make commercials that I want to watch over and over. Commercials usually suck. Nike commercials don't. Nike killing it: