Sunday, December 20, 2009

Puppy and Upcoming

So I know I haven't posted in a while, I'm not sure how many people even still read my blog besides my mom and Lesley once in a while ha. I had thought of taking it down recently but I feel as though I might have a few posts left so I shall continue for now.
I drove home to lovely Durango this past friday to find a pleasant christmas surprise. My parents had gotten a puppy that morning, a little girl Dobie named Bella. (Not due to the twilight girl's name which I was later notified is the same). She's a sweetheart, look for more photos soon. I forgot to bring my camera cord home for the holidays so here's a crappy couple of phone pics for now.

Coming up: I am embarking on a new year's adventure to salt lake to see the homies and work a rail jam followed by an expedition to jackson hole up the WY. I'll be riding and raging so look for some updates then.
ALSO here's a funny video and a jam for your earz. Word readers.