Monday, January 18, 2010

Jackson Hole, the beast.

Over break I went to Jackson, WY for the first time in my life and that mountain blew my mind. We rode 4 days in a row, got 16 inches fresh snow, went out of bounds, and rode some of the best terrain I've seen. Here's a few photos from the trip I managed to snap.

The Tram - room for 100 people to go 4000 feet in 9 minutes.

Check the range on this beast. Up huge faces no problem.

One day me and a couple buddies hiked "The Headwall" almost as soon as it opened.

We went to the million dollar cowboy bar for some beers and classic western dancing.

The 3rd day we went out of bounds into the backcountry to the Rock Springs bowl. It was unreal and almost untracked. We saw one other person. The second time through there was scare with an avalanche that some of the guys I was riding with almost got into. Advice: Get a beacon and if your OB and there are no other tracks, you're in the wrong place.

The last day we were all pretty beat and decided our time would be better spent drinking wine and beer and Jager bombs at the top of the gondola while watching other people drop cliffs.

Such a good trip. If you ever get a chance go. Jackson is a beast.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's here! I bet you're stoked. What is it? It's a video blog diary type thing that me and my friend Jon are doing for the rest of the season weekly on Wednesdays (we will probably miss a few here and there) all about us skiing (we are normally snowboarders) and learning how to kill it in the park and elsewhere on the mountain. Read the opening screen to learn more. This is our first attempts at skiing, editing, video blogging etc. It's for fun, we are by no means good at any of the things I just listed. Any ways hope you like it, check back for more edits!