Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I don't usually blog about myself, but I figured I needed to let you all know that our intramural soccer team clinched the championship today in a 9-2 win. We're getting some sick t-shirts to prove it but until then I found this soccer gold medal on the internet to symbolize the win.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I couldn't believe it when I saw that there's another coming out, even with the original brothers. So stoked. The first one is one of the best movies of all time,I really hope this one lives up to it.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I heard about this recently and didn't think it could be real...o but it is. This has to be the scariest thing since nukes. I don't know whether to think it is awesome or want to ban it. I am considering being it for Halloween though. I bet it's scarier than your costume. Watch this demo video of the most powerful gun in production.


So I know I'm not that legit at making posts frequently and consistently, especially recently but I'm going to try to be better for those of you who read because I read your blogs too and I want to give back. Here's the jams that I've been jamming and you should jam too. DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

Serious Excursion

Yesterday me and my good friend Erin and I drove an hour to get a very special lunch, that of a Texas Taco from Serious Texas Bar-B-Q. Erin goes to school in Georgia and doesn't come visit much and had a craving for a home (Durango) classic that just happened to have opened a branch in Loveland last year.
Erin in front of the magical place.

A bag of tacos that were requested by those who couldn't make the trip.

THE TACO! Shredded BBQ, Cheesy Potatoes, Jaleps, Onions, Sauce. Unreal.

Hands down the best cheap bbq meal you will ever have. Guarantee it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow and Mustaches

Apparently my birthday (Oct. 10) means two things here in Colorado, snow and mustaches. The mountains usually open up around this time, this year with loveland beating out abasin by a couple days. I still haven't made it to the mountains yet but will hopefully get up there this weekend so keep an eye out for that.
This year we went camping on the 9th and woke up to this on the 10th. It was frigid and apparently we hit record lows for this early in October.

Then we headed back to Boulder for the 3rd Annual Mustache Bash where we got down with drinks and friends and mustaches.


Apparently I wasn't around for any photos. There may be some on my camera but my "whip" jess has taken it over so go bother her for more @ yessplease.blogspot.com.
Thanks all for coming out for my 22. It was a good night!